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Your Most Effective Volumizing Routine

Skin naturally loses volume with age. With the right skincare routine, full of firming, moisturizing ingredients, it’s possible to change course. As RéVive founder Dr. Brown says, “there is nothing surgically that can do what RéVive does to give one the dewy glow and beautiful skin of youth.” To learn more about our most coveted skin-volumizing routine, read on. 

Your Most Effective Volumizing Routine



Begin Indulgently


Every routine needs a good cleanser. Why not pamper and soften skin as you wash? Opt for a formula like Cream Cleanser Luxe Skin Softener, which leaves skin radiant and renewed.

Add a Volume-Boosting Mask


If your skin needs a volume lift, we recommend adding a mask to your weekly routine. Look for a formula that incorporates moisturizing and firming ingredients that work to tighten and refine skin. Our pick is Masque De Volûme Sculpting and Firming Mask, an ultra-luxurious sculpting and firming mask that melts into skin to visibly plump and increase the appearance of facial volume.

Try a More Powerful Serum


A highly concentrated serum can be the most powerful step in your volumizing routine. Look for a formula that treats multiple aging concerns in addition to plumping the skin. Intensité Complete Anti-Aging Serum was inspired by skin volume and line relaxing research, so it’s a particularly powerful addition.

Focus on the Eyes


Loss of firmness can be especially apparent around the eyes. Look for an eye cream or serum that not only firms the skin, but helps hydrate, tackle dark circles and de-puff the delicate skin around the eye area. Intensité Les Yeux Firming Eye Cream is our go-to eye rejuvenator.

Maximize Your Moisturizer


With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide on the right moisturizer. To treat firmness and volume concerns, look for a formula developed specifically for loss of elasticity. Intensité Crème Lustre Night Firming Moisture Repair is one such rejuvenating formula that features Restorative Firming Complex for dramatic and visible firmness and more resilient skin.

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