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Our collective mission

United by a shared passion for science and skincare, the RéVive Team is dedicated to delivering innovation and first-in-class experiences. RéVive offers a variety of employment opportunities, while remaining committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.
We value our employees for their unique talents and abilities. We embrace and encourage our employee’s differences in backgrounds, experiences, race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, family or marital status, physical, mental and/or intellectual abilities, age, military or veteran status, registered domestic partner or civil union status, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and socio economic status. All employees are valued for their individual differences and the unique contributions that help us achieve our business goals. Through our diversity, equity, and inclusion policy, RéVive Skincare seeks to create a positive work environment where all employees can reach their full potential and maximize their contributions.
We are committed to our employees’ dignity and well-being and make every effort to provide all employees with a safe and professional work environment.


At RéVive we believe in investing in our future by surrounding ourselves with the best. If you are interested in joining the RéVive team, please contact


Our Current Openings:

Marketing Interns (hybrid / remote, NYC)

Sales Interns (remote, U.S.)

Skincare Specialist (in-store, NYC)

You can also follow RéVive on LinkedIn for job openings and updates.