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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I start using "anti-aging" skincare?

Signs of aging may begin as early as your 20's. While this is not chronological aging it could be caused by environmental and lifestyle factors. RéVive addresses those specific concerns with preventative products which help break into the cycle and provide real anti-aging benefits.

What is the appropriate regimen for my skin?

The daily regimen is Cleanse, Tone, Serum and Moisturize. Many of the products are used day and night, however, your individual skin concerns may dictate some differences in the AM and PM routine. A regimen is suggested after you have had a consultation with a Skincare Specialist who can determine the perfect system for your skin type and conditions. We recommend the daily use of an SPF.

I would like information about the expiration of skincare products. Terms like 'shelf life' and 'use up rate' are not easy to understand and I just want to know when I should throw my moisturizer away.

In the United States there are no regulations or guidelines from the FDA about the expiration date for either skincare or makeup products. However, all products with 'active ingredients' are considered over the counter drugs (OTC's) and require more proof in their claims and also expiration dates to be printed on their cartons or labels. Examples include any product with a sunscreen or therapeutic claim for Acne, amongst others. See your ingredient list and the first ingredient will say "active ingredient" and that product will have an expiration date as mandated by law. Shelf life in non-OTC products is defined as the amount of time an unopened product is good under normal conditions of storage which is dependent on the product composition, package and preservation. If you keep your unopened products in climate controlled environments without excess heat or cold then they should be in good condition when you open them. Still unsure? Then look at the color and check the smell. If either seems abnormal, discard. The European Union has devised a system called Period After Opening (POA) which is represented by an open jar with a number followed by an M (menses or month). This symbol establishes how long a product may last after it is opened. This is a guideline and does not take into account how the product is used or stored. You will see this symbol on any product that is available for sale in the EU even though you may be purchasing it in the US.

Does RéVive test on animals?

RéVive does not test on animals.

Why do I need a serum?

The aging process is multifactorial and must be addressed on several different levels. A serum is a concentrated product that addresses your specific concerns. 

Do you have a product that helps with dark circles?

Whether caused by genetics or lifestyle, dark circles can make a person feel like they look tired and older. Intensité Les Yeux addresses under eye darkness and puffiness that may accompany this condition. For maximum benefits use Masques des Yeux twice a week as your night time eye cream.

When can I expect to see results?

Depending on the specific concern and condition of the skin, one can expect to see the start of results in weeks while other deeper lying aging issues may take several months to notice a remarkable improvement.

Do I need a neck cream?

Skin on the neck and chest is far more delicate than face skin and needs very special care. This area is one of the first areas to show signs of aging because gravity pulls on your neck and décolletage resulting in a crinkled tissue paper look that surgery can't repair. RéVive's Fermitif™ Neck Renewal Cream has special firming agents and EGF to prevent sagging, and smooths away crèpiness. Skin is also protected from sun damage with a non-irritating SPF 15.

Are the products fragranced?

There is no fragrance added to the majority of RéVive products, however, on occasion a masking agent will be introduced to make the product usage a lovely experience for our clients.

Is RéVive sold in China?

The statement of RéVive authentic products selling in China is below.


As for RéVive, we have a zero tolerance attitude towards fake products and any imitation of the products in the market.


Currently, we have set up a "RéVive overseas flagship store" in Tmall international (https://revive.tmall.hk), which is the only authorized official flagship store in China.


It is necessary to remind that, we have not established a Chinese official website in China yet. So please do not be mislead by the fake brand Chinese website. We need time to identify and solve the issues of these fake websites, please stay alert.


In China, the best way to ensure that you are buying authentic RéVive products is to buy from RéVive overseas Tmall flagship store, or a clearly authorized retail partner. Also you can get professional customer service and guidance there.


We reserve the right to pursue legal liability for any counterfeiting or infringement.

I am receiving auto-recurring charges when I signed up for a sample. How do I get a refund?

RéVive Skincare does not have recurring billing or orders and does not offer “free trials” through any third party sites. Unfortunately, there are several digital scams that have used or are using the name Revive in them. RéVive is actively pursuing all digital scams that use the RéVive name in any manner. We regret that these scams have misappropriated the RéVive name and that innocent people have been affected and appreciate your patience and support as we move forward with our enforcement strategies. In the meantime, we recommend that you check with your credit card company or financial institution to see who or what company made charges to your account and is sending you product.

RéVive is intent on protecting the good will of its name and products, as well as all customers shopping in the digital marketplace. In this regard, we have demanded that the Court permanently enjoin the defendants from continuing with these unlawful activities.

In addition, RéVive is continuously monitoring the Internet to ensure that any scams are identified and removed as quickly as possible.