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Klaudia On: Blemish Prone Skin

Blemishes are one of the most common concerns in skincare, requiring a highly curated daily beauty regimen. Looking for a few expert tips? Read on as RéVive’s Elite Esthetician, Klaudia Wachowski, shares her advice for an efficacious skincare routine for blemish prone skin. 

 Klaudia On: Blemish Prone Skin



Q: What are blemishes? 

Klaudia: Blemishes are skin marks or lesions that consist of a formation of bubbles that culminate from fluid accumulation. A consistent buildup of dead skin cells and pus is then referred to as a ‘pustule’ or ‘pimple’. 

Q: What causes blemishes? 

Klaudia: Blemishes are caused by various factors, with one of them being a simple accumulation of pus, combined with a buildup of dead skin cells and environmental pollution. However, in some cases, blemishes can form because of more serious factors like a hair follicle inflation, or from a bacterial or fungal infection.  

Additionally, hormonal changes, stress, ineffective or harsh skincare products, and a bad diet which oftentimes includes dairy, spices, and chocolate, are also known to trigger breakouts. 

Q: Are some skin types more prone to getting blemishes?  

Klaudia: There are skin types that are definitely more prone to getting blemishes. For instance, combination skin, as well as oily skin, tend to experience breakouts more commonly because of an overproduction of sebum. 

Q: What are the most important steps in a routine to tackle blemishes? 

Klaudia: Blemish-prone skin requires a very consistent regimen to prevent blemishes from turning into acne. Use a cleanser to wash your face both in the morning and at night, and sometimes, even during the day if you feel oily. Always follow with an alcohol-free toner.  

Using a clay mask like Masque De Glaise a few times a week, combined with a good blemish-control treatment like Acne Reparatif Acne Treatment Gel, can also help keep blemishes at bay. Regular moisturization with an oil-free lotion, and a lightweight moisturizer like Moisturizing Renewal Cream Nightly Retexturizer at night also works wonders. 


Q: Are there other external factors that can help treat blemishes? 

Klaudia: Skin hygiene is the most important factor to help treat blemishes. Curated products that include ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids can help by drying up pimples, therefore causing the top layer of skin to peel. These ingredients primarily include salicylic acid and glycolic acid. If over-the-counter skincare products don’t help, dermatologists can provide prescriptions for useful antibiotics. 

Q: What are the best RéVive products to address blemish prone skin? 

Klaudia: My preferred RéVive products to address blemish prone skin include Gel Cleanser Gentle Purifying Wash or Foaming Cleanser Enriched Hydrating Wash for cleansing impurities, followed by Balancing Toner Soothing Skin Refresher to remove excess oil that can lead to breakouts. Le Polish Micro-Resurfacing Treatment is another great product, as it exfoliates skin, resulting in a smoother and softer complexion.  


Masque De Glaise Purifying Clay Masque helps deeply cleanse skin and remove impurities to restore skin’s clarity and reduce any signs of redness. This product can be followed by Acne Reparatif Acne Treatment Gel which clears and prevents the development of new acne blemishes, while simultaneously providing anti-aging benefits. Lastly, our iconic Moisturizing Renewal Cream Nightly Retexturizer can be utilized as a last step to gently exfoliate, retexture, renew and moisturize facial skin. 


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