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Renewal Starts with Science

When research meets innovation, even the smallest cells have endless potential. At the heart of RéVive technology, is a collection of unique molecules inspired by the proteins that we produce naturally. These molecules are clinically proven to improve the visible signs of aging.

What is Bio-Renewal Technology?


Microscope Prior to founding RéVive, Dr. Gregory Bays Brown dedicated much of his career to researching ways to accelerate the healing of damaged skin in burn victims. Through his research, he discovered the ways in which a Nobel Prize-winning Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) molecule could be used to restore skin.

Dr. Brown used the inspiration of his research to start RéVive. Today, our skincare is formulated with Bio-Renewal Technology to help renew skin and return the youthful glow.

The Cream That Started It All


Pioneering Moisturizing Renewal Cream is the first product Dr. Brown created using Bio-Renewal Technology. Discover why it’s still a best-seller today.

What Is Bio-Renewal Protein?


“Skincare goes where surgery can’t to restore skins dewy glow.” - Dr. Brown

Young skin glows from within. Yet as we age, we lose that youthful glow. Our Bio-Renewal Protein is a skin-identical protein that helps to renew skin leaving it looking rejuvenated and revitalized.

Discover Iconic Moisturizing Renewal Cream

What Is Bio-Firming Protein?


“As we age, our skin naturally loses firmness which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. The RéVive Bio-Firming Protein is a skin identical molecule that helps improve firmness and elasticity for softer, smoother skin with fewer lines.” —Liz Martin, Head of Product Development

RéVive’s products that contain our Bio-Firming Protein helps skin regain firmness and elasticity.

What Is Bio-Volumizing Protein?


“Volume loss is a real part of the aging process... more subtle than wrinkles or sagging but just as important. Volume loss is difficult to correct surgically.” —Dr. Brown

Our Bio-Volumizing Protein helps address volume loss. The skin-identical protein helps improve skin firmness and density and visibly increases the look of natural fullness.

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