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Your Nightly Companions

During the day, a complete skincare regimen serves to protect skin from pollutants that we all come across daily, in addition to providing other necessary benefits based on your skin type. Come nighttime, this additional routine allows for products to repair skin throughout the night; not to mention, it is an incredibly relaxing ritual before bedtime! Get the scoop on our favorite nighttime formulas below, with your skin benefits in mind.

Your Nightly Companions






To no surprise, RéVive’s very first product remains a cult-favorite to this day. Moisturizing Renewal Cream Nightly Retexturizer works overnight to gently exfoliate, retexture, renew, and moisturize your skin. In addition to Glycolic Acid, Moisturizing Renewal Cream (or “MRC” – its nickname among all of us at RéVive) is also powered by our Bio-Renewal Technology to help eradicate imperfections, visibly diminish lines, and give skin that youthful RéVive glow!




Many things can cause our skin complexion to look somewhat uneven and lackluster. Things like sun damage and acne scars may create dark spots on our face difficult to diminish. That is where our latest addition to RéVive comes in handy. Perfectif Night Even Skin Tone Cream Retinol Dark Spot Corrector is a powerful cream that helps improve the appearance of past damage, fade dark spots, even skin tone, and reduce fine lines while you sleep thanks to a formula composed of micro-encapsulated retinol and Vitamin C. 



 Many of us suffer from dry or very dry skin throughout the year, especially during the harsh winter weather. For deep hydration overnight, we recommend Intensité Crème Lustre Night Firming Moisture Repair.  As its name suggests, this intense moisturizer works to hydrate, rejuvenate, and restore the look of skin to unveil a brighter, luminous, healthy-looking complexion. Did we mention it also leaves skin visibly lifted and contoured for a more youthful look?  


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