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Spotlight On: Marina Larroude

Marina Larroude’s experience in the world of fashion is nothing short of impressive – from spending time in the editorial world, leading the fashion department at one of New York’s most prestigious department stores, to now successfully launching and running her own line of shoes and accessories, Marina is an inspiration to all those who keep up with her busy, yet glamorous life. Read on as she sits down for a conversation with The RéView Editors.

Spotlight On: Marina Larroude 

 Spotlight on Marina Larroude Q&A

Q: Can you share a little bit about your experience and how you ended up in fashion?  

A: When I was still in college, I started interning at Brazilian Vogue. That was over 20 years ago, and I was immediately hooked. I spent over 14 years in editorial, then moved to retail at Barneys New York, and now have my own brand, Larroudé. At this point, I have experience in all sides of the business.  

Q: What inspired you to start your own shoe brand, Larroudé?  

A: Early in the pandemic, my husband and I lost our jobs and saw ourselves locked at home with no job prospects, and no opportunities for networking. All doors were closed. Then we decided to take the reins of our own future and build our own company. Together, we have 40 years of experience—me in the fashion industry, and Ricardo in finance and operations. He has been following the fashion industry all these years, and we always spoke about how we wanted to do things differently if we ever had our own business. We saw many inefficiencies in the industry and had a vision of doing things our own way  

We used the time we spent under lockdown to build Larroudé for the long run. We worked non-stop 16-hour days, assembled a team remotely, interviewed 3PL, logistics companies and factories, held wholesale meetings, and raised seed capital all via Zoom. In the middle of all of this, we also rented an RV and drove across America twice… It was a journey of a lifetime.  

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your career?  

A: Be humble, be kind, work hard and keep going. You will face many adversities, so it’s important to build resilience and keep going.  

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you would give to anyone looking to follow a similar career path as you? 

A: Be resourceful, try to learn things fast; no job is too small or too big, and you must be open to different opportunities and always giving your best. Your career will only depend on you, and how much effort and love you put into it. Even if you don't love what you are doing at the current moment, do your best - you are learning along the way.  

Q: Tell us a little bit about how you take care of your skin during even your busiest days.  

A: I’m a maniac with skincare. I adore RéVive’s products and I might use 10 different products along the day. I have a very methodical skincare routine. In the AM, I wash my face with RéVive’s Foaming Cleanser after the gym, followed by toner, serum, SPF and eye cream. At night I have a 15-minute-long routine that I follow, no matter how busy or tired I am. Make-up remover, cleanser, serum, retinol, moisturizer, eye cream, and then I top them all off with a moisturizing face mask. My skin is extra dry, and I noticed that this methodical regimen really helps keep it moist and radiant. Ever since I tried RéVive’s products, I’ve been hooked. I could tell the difference in 10 days as it really changed how my skin looks. 

 Revive Foaming Cleanser

Q: We love that you’re a fan of RéVive! Can you share what your favorite products are and why?  

A: The perfect duo is my ultimate favorite Perfectif Night Even Skin Tone Cream for nighttime use, and Perfectif Even Skin Tone Cream for daily application. Ever since I started using both, my skin complexion has drastically changed. They evened out my skin tone, and I have no dark spots left. They are incredible and I highly recommend both! 

Revive Perfectif Night Even Skin Tone CreamRevive Perfectif Even Skin Tone Cream



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