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Masking 101 – Which Mask is Right for Me?

Masks are a great complement to any skincare regimen – their highly concentrated form creates a film over the skin that allows ingredients to better penetrate the skin for transformative results in a short time.

As with any product, masks are most effective when picking the one that’s right for your skin. Luckily, we’re here to help! Here is a guide breaking down each of our masks and the skin concerns they are best for.

Masque de Radiance Brightening Moisture Mask

What it Does: Our Masque de Radiance Brightening Moisture Mask gives all skin types a luxe, brightening boost that will leave you as radiant as its glimmering, gold texture. Infused with the energy building block ATP (Adenosine Triphosate), Vitamin C, and Mung Bean Seed Extract, this silky mask helps you achieve a natural, luminous complexion by brightening and clarifying dull, tired skin. A powerful humectant blend replenishes moisture levels for nourishment and hydration, and leaves you with soft, glowy skin.

Perfect for: Anyone with dull, tired skin that could use a brightening pick-me-up to restore their glow.

Skin Type: All skin types

Masque de Volume Sculpting and Firming Mask

What it Does: Several factors like aging and prolonged sun exposure can cause natural collagen production to decline, resulting in a loss of structural support in parts of the face. For anyone looking to achieve intensive moisture and a fuller, firmer complexion, look no further than our Masque de Volume Sculpting and Firming Mask. This gel-cream mask visibly increases the look of natural fullness by tightening and refining the skin’s appearance with the help of our signature Bio-Volumizing Peptides and Cellular Filling Complex III- which are bio-engineered ingredients that improve skin’s appearance after losing facial volume. If you find yourself with parched skin after a long day of travel, use this mask to bring it back to life.

Perfect for: Anyone with dehydrated, parched skin looking for a boost of moisture and volume.

Skin Type: Normal to dry skin

Tip: Use this as an overnight mask for increased efficacy.

Masque de Glaise Purifying Clay Mask

What it Does: To maintain the skin’s health, it is crucial we keep it cleansed from impurities that can cause blackheads and whiteheads. The Masque de Glaise Purifying Clay Mask is formulated with a Purifying Complex that includes Bisabolol, Vitamin E, and Panthenol to deeply cleanse skin, soothe redness, and provide hydration. This mask also contains Kaolin Clay, an extremely gently, naturally occurring clay, that purifies skin and draws out impurities without stripping the skin of its crucial oils.

Perfect for: Anyone in need of a deep cleansing skin detox that removes harmful toxins and impurities.

Skin Type: Oily, combination, and acne-prone skin

Masque Des Yeux Revitalizing Eye Mask

What it Does: Eye masks are a great way to show love to the eye area, which is sensitive to sun exposure and prone to showing signs of aging like dark circles and fine lines. RéVive’s Masque Des Yeux Revitalizing Eye Mask is a concentrated overnight eye mask that instantly moisturizes, cools, and brightens the eye area while diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres firm the skin and natural probiotics and yeast extract soothe and protect the area for the appearance of a youthful, energized eye area.

Perfect for: Anyone looking to rejuvinate the eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.

Skin Types: All skin types.

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