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Expert On: Bio-Volumizing Protein

The RéView Editors join Liz Martin, RéVive Head of Product Development, to discuss one of the brand's signature ingredients, Bio-Volumizing Protein, which helps renew skin’s firmness and density.

Expert On: Bio-Volumizing Protein



Q: What is Bio-Volumizing Protein?

A: Bio-Volumizing Protein is a bio-engineered skin-identical protein that mimics your skin’s renewal process. It is the active peptide fragment of the keratinocyte growth factor (KGF), and it works to boost the skin’s natural firmness and density.


Q: What does Bio-Volumizing Protein do?

A: Bio-Volumizing Protein helps increase skin cell renewal and improve collagen and elastin, leading to more plump-looking, rejuvenated and revitalized skin. Signs of aging are also dramatically reduced.


Q: Why is Bio-Volumizing Protein so unique?

A: Bio-Volumizing Protein is highly unique as it mimics the natural rejuvenation process in skin. Unlike plant proteins, Bio-Volumizing Protein is biomimetic, which means it is skin-identical, allowing it to accept the material into the skin and helping with the overall rejuvenation process. It speaks our human skin language!


Q: Who is Bio-Volumizing Protein recommended for?

A: Bio-Volumizing Protein is ideal for anyone looking to reduce nasal labial fold, crow’s feet and any other deep lines, as skin density is increased, leading to more ‘plump’ skin.


Q: What RéVive products feature Bio-Volumizing Protein?

A:  There’s a number of RéVive products that are formulated with Bio-Volumizing Protein. Intensité Complete Anti-Aging Serum helps restore skin renewal and volume loss, and can be used with Intensité Complete Anti-Aging Eye Serum to diminish the look of dark circles, crepiness and under-eye bags. Intensité Moisturizing Lip Balm is also part of our Intensité collection and can be used to nourish and cushion the delicate skin on lips.

Additionally, Rescue Elixir features Bio-Volumizing Protein, and it reignites the skin’s natural moisture levels, filling it with reserves that plump, refresh and smooth skin. Lastly, our best-selling Masque De Volûme visibly plumps and increases the appearance of facial volume.


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