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Skincare RéFresh: Sensitive Skin Tips

Sensitive skin does not have to mean powerless products. If your skin is easily reactive to strong formulas, try a routine that is both gentle and effective. Fit even for skin that is prone to inflammation and redness, these products help to soothe and protect while helping to renew skin.

Skincare RéFresh: Sensitive Skin Tips



Begin with a Gentle Clean for Soft Skin


Start your routine with a luxe skin softener that leaves skin radiant and renewed as it cleanses. 

RéVive Recommends: Cream Cleanser Luxe Skin Softener

Key Moisturizing Ingredient: Jojoba seed oil 

Balance and Soothe Skin 


Toner is an important step in any routine to remove impurities. For sensitive skin, look for a formula that can do that without causing irritation. This soothing, rehydrating and refreshing toner is a RéVive client favorite.  Tip: Skip the cotton pad and put Balancing Toner directly on cleansed fingertips, then gently press into your skin, avoiding eye area. This is a refreshing, post-cleanse routine that helps prep skin for your serum & moisturizer.

RéVive Recommends: Balancing Toner Soothing Skin Refresher

Key Soothing Ingredient: Chamomile flower extract 

Boost Your Skin’s Defenses 


Environmental aggressors like pollution, smoke and blue light wavelengths can all damage the skin. Sensitive skin can be especially affected by these stressors. Try blending one to two drops of this formula with your moisturizer to help boost skin’s defenses against environmental damage while helping to renew skin.  

RéVive Recommends: Defensif Booster Environmental Antioxidant Booster

Key Free Radical-Fighting Ingredients: Antioxidants including SOD, turmeric, green tea and vitamins A, C and E 

Protect & Firm the Face 


Sun protection is important for everyone. It’s an important step for your skin health and for preventing signs of aging. Opt for a moisturizer with SPF to make it simple to stay safe.  This intensive firming moisturizer helps increase elasticity while protecting skin with SPF 30.

RéVive Recommends:  Intensité Crème Lustre Day Firming Moisture Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

Key Protecting Ingredient: Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 

Indulge in a Facial Massage


One way to help calm and soothe skin? Facial massage. Now you can bring the spa home with RéVive’s new tri-head roller. Made of cooling zamac, the tool helps soothe skin, reduces visible puffiness and gives skin a firmer, more contoured appearance.    

RéVive Recommends:  RéVolve Contouring Massage Roller

Key Soothing Material: Zamac, a natural alloy material

Revitalize the Eyes


Safe even for sensitive skin, this concentrated eye mask firms skin and diminishes the appearance of puffiness, lines and wrinkles. 

RéVive Recommends: Masque Des Yeux Revitalizing Eye Mask 



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