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Pre-Glam Skincare Tips with Olivia Landau

Olivia Landau, Founder and CEO of The Clear Cut, the go-to destination for creating the perfect hand-crafted diamond engagement rings, knows all about prepping for big events and making the most of her beauty regimen. Read on as she shares her pre-glam tips and favorite parts of prepping for any big day.  

Pre-Glam Skincare Tips with Olivia Landau



Q: What does your skincare regimen typically look like on your busy days? 

A: Even on my busiest days, I still try to make my skincare routine a priority! At night, I always make sure that all my makeup comes off and then I use an exfoliating toner. Next, I use a Vitamin C serum, followed by a Hyaluronic Acid serum. Finally, I use a moisturizer on top and sunscreen during the day! 

RéVive recommends Balancing Toner, Clarté Vitamin C Brightening Serum and Moisturizing Renewal Hydrogel.  

Q: How do you like to prep your skin ahead of a big event?  

A: Ahead of a big event, especially when I know that I will be wearing a lot of makeup, I try to make sure that my skin is hydrated. I absolutely love using face masks and recently, I have been obsessed with ones that focus on brightening! 



 RéVive recommends Masque De Radiance. 

Q: Do you have any health rituals that contribute to your glowing skin?  

A: I always drink a lot of water because hydration is key to keeping your skin clear, plump and glowing. I also try to eat as clean as possible with foods like veggies, leafy greens and berries! 

Q: What is your favorite part of prepping for an event? 

A: My favorite part of prepping for an event are the hours beforehand when I can leisurely do my skincare routine, pick out an outfit, and do my hair and makeup. I find it so peaceful when I have enough time to get ready slowly and, sometimes, I also play calming music, too.  

I try to give myself plenty of time so that I can enjoy the process of transforming and making myself feel beautiful! 

Q: What is one piece of advice you give The Clear Cut brides ahead of their big day?  

A: For overall advice, I would say try your best to stay calm, drink water and don’t forget to eat! Stress makes any situation worse and it’s easy to forget the basics of self-care when you are feeling overwhelmed!  

In terms of beauty advice, don't make any major changes to your appearance before your wedding for at least 3-4 months beforehand. If anything goes wrong, you want to make sure you have plenty of time to correct a new hair color, haircut, or any bad reactions to treatments or facials you might try! 


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