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Post-Partum Skin Reboot with Claritt Zighelboim

Claritt Zighelboim, founder of ready-to-wear fashion brand, Moda Zeta, and new mom to twins, knows how to navigate a busy schedule. Between running both a successful brand and a full house, she’s had to figure out the secrets for radiant and glowing post-partum skin. Read on as she shares her beauty tips and post-partum skincare regimen.  

Post-Partum Skin Reboot with Claritt Zighelboim



Q: In what ways did pregnancy affect your skin? 

A: Pregnancy has been very kind to me. Despite the raging hormones, my hair, skin, and nails improved significantly! This may have been because of the prenatal pills I was taking, and insatiable thirst (forcing me to drink 4 liters of water a day) but I’ll take it! My breakouts were minimal in frequency and intensity, and I also noticed improvement in the oiliness of my otherwise combination skin. 

Q: What ingredients do you look for to help you care for your skin post-partum? 

A: I’ve been paying a lot more attention to ingredients. In Europe, beauty products are more regulated as far as approved ingredients than in the U.S, so for me, it’s not so much a focus on “clean beauty” as it is about general knowledge of ingredients. With that said, currently (as I breastfeed exclusively) my ingredients are very limited so as not to affect breast milk. I’m exclusively using Glycolic cleansers and toners, Vitamin C for brightening, and Hyaluronic Acid or Ceramide for hydration. However, as soon as I’m done breastfeeding, I plan on bathing in Retinol and other powerful ingredients that can help with fine lines and wrinkles! 

Q: What are your biggest post-partum skincare concerns? 

A: My biggest post-partum concerns are under eye circles (yay, sleep deprivation!), wrinkles and fine lines on my face, as well as stretch marks on my belly. With my first two pregnancies, I didn’t get any stretch marks, but this time I was carrying twins so I suppose it was inevitable! My dermatologist recommended I try micro-needling (while I am still breastfeeding) to help regenerate collagen on the marks since it has no effect on breast milk, but once I’m done, I will probably apply Retinol products on my stretch marks as well. 

Q: What does your post-partum skincare regimen typically look like? 

A: Being a new mom takes a toll on your social life, so lately, my makeup use, and subsequent deep cleaning of my face, has been at an all-time low. However, if I were to use makeup, I’d remove it with micellar water, and then exfoliate with my electric brush. Right now, I wash my face with a gel cleanser, followed by a gentle toner, and then Vitamin C serum or Hyaluronic Acid serum. My last step is always SPF and then I’m out the door!  

Q: Any skincare advice for expecting mothers? 

A: My advice for other expecting moms is to remember that EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY. The good and the bad - it’s all temporary. Be kind to yourself, drink water often and sleep as much as you can - I believe these factors are major contributors to better skin! 


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