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Klaudia On: Oily Skin Regimen

Different skin types require specific skincare regimens to help cater to their needs and concerns for a healthy complexion. Klaudia Wachowski, RéVive Elite Esthetician, shares her expertise and key tips on how to create a daily skincare routine for oily skin. People with oily skin can experience a shiny or greasy appearance on their face and in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), as well as enlarged or clogged pores. Does this sound like you? Read on to discover how to perfect your skincare game this season. 

Klaudia On: Oily Skin Regimen



Q: What causes oily skin? 

Klaudia: Oily skin is typically caused by an excess of oil, also known as ‘sebum’, due to hyperactive sebaceous glans. There are various factors that can cause your sebaceous glands to overreact, including genetics, puberty, pregnancy, stress, hormonal changes, an unhealthy diet, and beauty products that don’t cater to your type of skin. 

Q: What are the best steps to care for oily skin? 

Klaudia: Oily skin can be difficult to deal with, requiring a very consistent skincare regimen to prevent clogged pores which can then lead to breakouts.  

The first step in any routine must be thorough cleansing both in the AM and PM, as well as after any exercise to prevent the buildup of sweat and pollution. Cleansing should be followed with a toner, and finding the right one is crucial. A proper toner should work as an astringent but should also be alcohol-free so as not to dry out your skin. 

Another important step is exfoliating twice a week to gently remove impurities and dirt from pores to avoid congestion and breakouts. Of course, the last steps should be applying a lightweight serum and an appropriate moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and healthy.  

Q: Should the same regimen be followed both morning and night? 

Klaudia: The same regimen should be followed both morning and night, with the only difference being that, in the daytime, you must always apply a lightweight moisturizer with SPF. I would also recommend using a purifying mask like RéVive’s Masque De Glaise Purifying Clay Masque once or twice weekly to deeply cleanse and decongest your skin. 


Q: Are there any other tips for treating oily skin? 

Klaudia: A big misconception about oily skin is that oil must be entirely stripped away, often leading to over-exfoliation and under-moisturization. This is a huge mistake as oily skin needs to be balanced in order for the sebaceous glands to not overproduce sebum. It is important to always maintain a healthy lipid barrier in your skin, and not strip its pH balance. I do not recommend using harsh products that contain ingredients like alcohol; instead, aim for lightweight products that will hydrate your skin without clogging your pores.  

Q: What are the best RéVive products for oily skin? 

Klaudia: RéVive has an assortment of products that are perfect for addressing oily skin. Foaming Cleanser Enriched Hydrating Wash helps to remove impurities such as excess oil and make-up while softening and nourishing the skin, while Balancing Toner Soothing Skin Refresher gently removes sebum without leaving skin depleted of its natural oils.  







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