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Hydration, Humidity and Skin’s Health

Hydration and humidity are significant factors that affect our skin’s health. The right amount of humidity in combination with effective hydrating and moisturizing skincare formulations can lead to a healthy and glowing complexion. Join The RéView Editors in conversation with Canopy, the renowned company that prides itself on creating the cleanest and easiest humidifier, as well as board-certified dermatologic surgeon and Canopy Advisor, Dr. Dendy Engelman, and learn all about optimal skin health and wellness. 

Hydration, Humidity and Skin’s Health


Q: Why is hydration important for skin health?

Dr. Dendy Engelman: Hydration is crucial for supporting a strong, healthy skin barrier and minimizing signs of aging. When skin is properly hydrated, it can function at its best. Skin will appear more youthful, bright and even-textured, and be less susceptible to acne breakouts. Hydration also helps mask signs of aging by creating a plumping effect that makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

Q: Are there certain ingredients in skincare that are optimal for hydration?

Dr. Dendy Engelman: Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides are two of the top ingredients for skin hydration. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000x its weight in water, meaning it is very efficient at hydrating the skin. It also creates a barrier that locks in moisture and improves skin’s texture. Ceramides are another important ingredient for skin health as they are lipids that act as the “glue” to hold skin cells together and form a barrier on the skin that protects against environmental aggressors and seals in moisture, resulting in smoother, plumper, more hydrated skin.

Q: What type of skincare regimen would you recommend to someone who has dehydrated skin?

Dr. Dendy Engelman: Dehydrated skin is not only lacking moisture but is also a sign of an unhealthy skin barrier. To address dehydrated skin, I recommend integrating hydrating products not just into your skincare routine, but into your daily routine. An effortless way to promote hydrated, healthy skin is to use a Canopy Humidifier in environments of less-than-optimal humidity (indoors when the air conditioning is on, during cold winter months, in dry regions, etc.) and especially while you sleep. At night, our bodies undergo transdermal water loss (loss of moisture through the skin) making it crucial to replenish hydration during this time. When it comes to topical skincare, I recommend double cleansing: washing first with a nourishing facial oil, then cleaning deeply with a gentle facial cleanser. Then, apply a hydrating serum (Hyaluronic Acid is a great ingredient to look for), an under-eye cream, and a moisturizer formulated for dry skin (thicker products are good for dry skin – look for moisturizers that contain ceramides). At night, you can get away with a thicker moisturizer to really lock in hydration while you sleep; in the morning, finish with an oil-free moisturizing sunscreen.

Q: When, and how often, should you use a humidifier?

Canopy: Maintaining optimal indoor humidity is something that should be considered year-round, during all seasons. In the cooler months, dry cold air and heating add up to create extremely dry indoor environments. Likewise, in warmer months, air conditioning is shown to cause the air to dry out significantly. Dry and dehydrated skin is pervasive throughout the year because of these and other factors. We recommend using your Canopy Humidifier year-round.

Q: What is the optimal indoor humidity level?

Canopy: Research shows that optimal relative humidity for skin health and overall wellness is between 40% and 60%. Relative humidity is defined as the amount of water vapor present in air expressed as a percentage.

Q: What is the difference between Canopy and other humidifier companies in the market?

Canopy: In designing our Humidifier, we set out to completely reimagine this antiquated device and create a tool that is an “always on” addition to any skincare and wellness routine. We went down the list of pain points that customers had with traditional models and developed the cleanest and easiest humidifier in the world. The Canopy Humidifier is mist-free, so you won’t see a chimney of steam coming from the unit. We use evaporative technology where the water is run across a paper filter before being released into the air as an invisible vapor. The filter catches any particles, dust, or metals that might be in the water, so they do not get spewed into the air (as they are with misting humidifiers). Our proprietary Smart Persistent Airflow™ (SPA) technology keeps the unit running until there is no water left inside, inhibiting the growth of mold. When the parts that touch water need a cleaning, you can throw them in the dishwasher.

Q: What are your favorite RéVive products?

Dr. Dendy Engelman: Moisturizing Renewal Serum Nightly Repair Booster which helps boost skin’s natural exfoliation process and moisture barrier to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while locking in hydration.

Canopy: Masque De Radiance Brightening Moisture Mask which includes a powerful humectant blend that provides skin-replenishing hydration to help skin look radiant and refreshed.


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