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Holiday Skincare Tips

With the holidays usually come many moments of glamming up for friends and family. Applying a full-face of makeup repeatedly can have adverse impacts like pore-clogging on your skin, as it can ultimately lead to unwanted and pesky breakouts. Read on to find some Editor-approved steps that you can easily incorporate into your skincare regimen during the holiday season.

Holiday Skincare Tips





This may come as a given but wiping your makeup off at the end of the day is a step that must never be skipped! Washing your face afterwards with a cleanser like Cream Cleanser is also an essential step in ensuring that your skin is actually clean, as this helps further remove traces of makeup and oil. Not only will this ensure the prevention of undesirable blemishes and spots, but it will also reinvigorate and refresh your skin.

Cream Cleanser



Makeup wipes and cleanser aside, a toner is always needed to remove residual traces of makeup that can lead to breakouts. For optimal results, use a toner after a cleanser so your skin can be primed and conditioned for a softer and more supple texture. RéVive’s Balancing Toner Soothing Skin Refresher is the perfect product to tone, rehydrate and refresh skin without leaving it dry or depleted of its natural oils.

Balancing Toner

Don’t Forget a Serum


Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good serum? Serums target various skin concerns, making them extremely easy to incorporate into a beauty regimen. RéVive’s latest breakthrough serum, Peau Magnifique Serum, features advanced Quad-Drone Technology which helps active materials navigate to their specific skin destination. After tiring out your skin during the holidays, what better product to use to help restore clarity and radiance?

Peau Magnifique Serum


Apply a Spot Treatment


Spot treatments are crucial in helping clear and prevent the development of acne blemishes, while also diminishing the appearance of enlarged pores. After cleansing, toning and using your favorite serum, apply a thin layer of a spot treatment like Acne Reparatif Acne Treatment Gel to any affected area to yield quick anti-acne benefits.

Acne Treatment Gel



A night cream is an essential last step to a beauty regimen as hydration is key to healthy skin. After following all steps outlined above, make sure to apply a gentle moisturizer like RéVive’s latest Sensitif Repairing Night Cream which is powered by bio-calming ingredients and prebiotics to help soothe, soften, and calm skin.

Sensitif Repairing Night Cream

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