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Spotlight On: Celebrating Lunar New Year with YouMe

Lunar New Year is the most festive celebration in the Lunar Calendar. Read on to learn the symbolism of the Holiday!



Meet YouMe Lin, a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur and influencer who founded her very own digital marketing agency working with social mission-driven brands. As a Chinese American, she is passionate about using her social media platform to advocate for Asian representation in the media space and sharing her love for her culture. Read on for our exclusive chat with YouMe about how she plans to celebrate the year of the tiger.

Q: Walk us through an average day in your life as an entrepreneur and influencer, what does it look like?

A: As someone who wears many hats, I love having a multifaceted daily schedule. Each day’s schedule is always slightly different and I often throw myself into many surprises, which I love as I’ve always been a person who seeks adventure. I love the nature of my job because humans are designed to have various interests and having a career that enables me to explore different sides of myself is just so rewarding.

Q: For many the Lunar New Year is a time of reflection, traditions, appreciation and celebration with family, friends. How will you be celebrating the year of the tiger?
A: Each year, my family will put together a gigantic feast where we gather together and eat lucky, symbolic foods such as noodles, meaning longevity, and fish, meaning abundance. It’s a tradition to kick off the new year on a positive note with these dishes that are associated with positive idioms that will bring you daji dali — essentially meaning good luck and great prosperity. This year is no different; however, with the ongoing global pandemic, we’re reminded of how incredibly grateful we feel to have these types of intimate gatherings more than ever before as we count our blessings. It’s a sentimental time for me where I take a deeper reflection on my roots and feel proud of my heritage from within.
Q: What better way to start the new year with great skin. Can you tell us about your skincare routine?
A: Over the years, I’ve simplified my skincare routine, focusing on doing more with less using only products that I wholeheartedly believe in. As with anything, consistency is vital. On days where I feel like my skin needs extra love, I would double cleanse for greater purity and take those additional minutes to massage my skin after I apply on the ReVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream to maximize product absorption. 

Q: Tell us what you love about RVive?
A: I know I’m in good hands when it comes to RVive products. Each product is brilliantly formulated with advanced science and innovation targeting exactly my skin needs. More importantly, I love the value and ethics the brand possesses. RVive’s limited-edition Masque Des Yeux branded in the iconic Lunar New Year colors, red and gold, representing vitality and prosperity, is a sign of progress towards raising these pivotal cultural holidays that deserves great recognition. I couldn’t be more proud to team up with such a brand! 

Q: Why is it so important to you that you use your platforms to spread awareness about your culture and talk about holidays like Lunar New Year?

A: With the rise of Asian hate, I feel more strongly than ever before to speak up for the Asian community and share the strength of my culture and people. Cultural awareness helps break down barriers and build bridges. I believe it empowers people to connect and appreciate those who are different from us. Through spreading awareness and storytelling, people will soon realize we have far more in common than we are different through the universal themes that unite humanity.


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