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At Home Self-Care Tips

Self-care has never been as important as it is right now. Between navigating the new normal and emerging from over a year of handling the pandemic, now is an ideal time to focus on wellness and self care from the inside out. Discover a few of The RéView Editors’ tips for self-care at home to help usher you into a healthier and happier lifestyle.  

At Home Self-Care Tips



Drink Water in the Morning


Water is vital to our body’s health and function. Having a glass of water right when you wake up helps start off the day feeling refreshed and well-hydrated, while also providing ample benefits for your skin and overall health.



Take a few minutes each day to meditate and enjoy its potential physical and emotional benefits. Meditation has been known to help reduce stress, manage anxiety and connect you to your inner-self for a heightened sense of well-being.

Move Your Body


Try to fit in at least 20 minutes of movement every day – whether that be a walk, yoga, Pilates, or a high-intensity workout. Exercise can provide powerful endorphins and the perfect outlet for when you need a break during a conference-heavy day.

Write It Down


Dust off your journal and try listing a few things each day that you’re grateful for. This can help boost mindfulness and give you a sense of peace in the midst of a fast-paced week. Tip: Pick a weekend day to go back and read through your journal the week before - preferably while pampering yourself with a luxe skincare mask.

Enjoy a Relaxing Skincare Routine


An indulgent skincare routine can be an invigorating way to start and a soothing way to end even the busiest of days. Begin by applying a rejuvenating face mask like RéVive’s Masque de Glaise Purifying Clay Mask, followed by hydrating skin with new Moisturizing Renewal Hydrogel Targeted 4D Hydration Serum and enjoy a gentle facial massage with the cooling RéVolve Contouring Massage Roller for the ultimate at home spa experience.

Set the Mood


Finished with a long work week? Satisfy your senses by lighting a candle and creating a calming or refreshing ambiance. Escape to the seaside from the comfort of home with invigorating scents like NEST New York’s Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Classic Candle.

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