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ArtJar Q&A

RéVive’s first-ever limited-edition ArtJar was created in partnership with New York-based and Grammy-winning artist, Mike Perry. With his dynamic and lively design, the illustrator revitalizes the brand’s iconic Moisturizing Renewal Night Cream jar and turns it into the ultimate ‘shelfie’ item. Learn more about this partnership from RéVive founder and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Gregory Bays Brown. 

ArtJar Q&A 


Artbox and ArtJar 2021


Q: What is ArtJar and how did it come to life? 
Dr. Brown: ArtJar is a continuation of ArtBox! Each year for ArtBox, RéVive picked an artist and placed his or her design on a product’s box. This year, we decided to make something different, more unique and iconic, by taking a design and placing it on both a product’s jar, as well as its secondary packaging. After working closely with Mike Perry to choose a design, ArtJar came to life! 


Q: How does ArtJar connect to ReVive? 

Dr. Brown: I’ve always been interested in the visual arts, and more specifically, painting. When I saw Mike’s art exhibited in his gallery, I thought of how uplifting it looked, and how it evoked feelings of positivity and happiness. The whole point of RéVive, as well as plastic surgery, which my background is in, is to make people enjoy life and be happy. ArtJar captures this perfectly. 


Q: What was the inspiration behind using the artwork, ‘Water, Water, Water’, for ArtJar? 

Dr. Brown: One of the ways that this pattern is so special to me is because it has a sense of ‘renewal’, which is what RéVive is ultimately all about. The brand kickstarts anti-aging on the skin as you get older, so there’s a constant pattern of renewal, which Mike Perry managed to successfully capture in such a unique visual manner.