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A Note From Dr. Brown


It has been quite a year...our silver (25th) anniversary! It is hard to believe I started RéVive with a single product, the moisturizing renewal cream (still our number one best seller), 25 years ago. The brand, and the industry, have come a long way with many changes. When I started RéVive, there was no e-commerce, social media, or large-scale specialty beauty chains, making for quite a different landscape.   

 A Note From Dr. Brown

Photo of Dr. Brown

We've continued to grow and innovate, change with the times, but ALWAYS stay true to our core values of efficacious skincare originating from science and medicine, and for the wellbeing of you, our clients.


Skincare does not replace aesthetic surgery, but it certainly can enhance, delay, or even negate the need for surgery. If surgery is warranted, skincare only increases the post procedure results. Personally, it has been a great journey for me, combining the skills and knowledge of aesthetic surgery and surgery's synergy with skincare.


I look forward to the next 25 years of with enthusiasm. As we all know, significant climate challenges lie ahead for us, skincare will be a vital component ameliorating and reversing those effects on skin and our overall health. I know that RéVive will be a crucial innovator as we adapt to the times ahead. Thank you for entrusting us with your skincare concerns, it has been a pleasure to be apart of this community for the past 25 years, with much more to come.



Dr. Brown

Founder of RéVive